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The Prescription

1.Abracadabra-A Steve Miller Band track coupled with a traditional Russian track- Korobushka

2. Parklife - Classic Blur along with ‘Padraig O’Keefes’ slide inspired by a ukulele Band

3. Creep - After seeing a Scottish duo do this, we countrified it!

4. The Wanderer - Matey still tries to sing this like Elvis, but it is more Cajun. The tune is ‘The Reconcilliation’.

5. Another Brick in the Wall - Mike Fowler gave us the idea to join ‘The Gael’ and Pink Floyds classic

6. Inbetween Days - After hearing an acoustic version by ‘The cure’ we added ‘Brenda Stubberts’ Reel.

7. The Model - Keeping this sounding foreign we added a Russian tune.

8. Panic - The count sings this, he is the only one to have seen ‘The Smiths’ live. Jig of slurs is the tune

9. Sweet Dreams - 80’s classic pop meets ‘The Glasgow Reel’

10. Paranoid - Heavy Metal Triangle  and ‘ The Gravel Walks’ on this Black Sabbath song.

11. These Boots were made for Walking - We took a great tune  from the excellent ‘Bianco Sporco’ and made this Nancy Sinatra hit fit!

Recorded Live in Skips kitchen, through a Soundcraft UI24 digital desk, mistakes and all on a cold day, November 2018. Fat Medicine would like to thank all the venues who continue to support us, and all those who enjoy our music and make our performances a pleasure.

Fat Medicine are :

Skip-Rat : Fiddle, Mandolin, Bouzouki and Lead Vocals

Doc : 5 Row Button Accordion, Accordion Bass, Kick Bass and Vocals

Matey : Percussion – Veste Frattoire, Bodhran, Tambourine, Triangle, Cahon

   Whistle, Lemon and Vocals

The Count : Double Bass, cymbal and Vocals

B.F : Sound Engineer, Promotions, Merchandise

Pa : Still dedicated, proud and all round Good egg




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